OFL Drama
With friends like these …

So, thanks to some friendly intelligence that is starting to flow my way, I’m hearing that Smokey’s coalition of the unwilling who helped him stage his little temper tantrum at the OFL meeting yesterday didn’t even bother to show up at the OPSEU “solidarity” rally this morning! I hear even the big ol’ Smokey Bear himself was nary to be seen. 

Where were USW District 6 Poobah Wayne Fraser, ONA Honch Linda Haslam-Stroud, SEIU’s Sharleen “Norma-COUGH-Rae” Stewart, ETFO’s Sam “whatzhizname?” Hammond, and Smokey’s other pals?

If anyone can send me info (or pix, PLEASE!) showing the whereabouts of these enigmatic labour leaders this morning, this girl would love to get her hands on them. I am sure that they had important things to attend to, like bailing out those poor Infinity Rubber workers who’ve been left dangling on the picket lines by Captain Fraser for almost two years.


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